Five Layers HDPE PPR Pipe Making Machine

Five Layers HDPE PPR Pipe Making Machine

Five Layers HDPE PPR Pipe Making Machine

 Multi-layers HDPE pipe production line single screw extruder 

PE PPR pipe production line

  PE PPR series plastic pipe production line is mainly used for producing pipe of water supply and drainage in the field of agriculture and construction cable etc. 

This machine consists of vacuum calibration tank,haul off unit,cutting unit,stacker etc-. The single screw extruder and haul off unit apply famous A/C frequency conversion speed regulation device,both vacum pump and drivingmotor apply famous brand .The haul-off unit includes two-claw type,three-claw type,four-claw type,six-claw type,eight-claw type,ten-claw type,twelve-claw type etc.

Dust fre cutting machine,saw blade cutting machine or planetary cutting machine can be applied,the property of machine group is reliable.The production efficiency is high with special device,it can produce inner wall spiral pipe ,inner wall hollow pipe ,and core layer foam pipe.It can also produce PP, PE, ABS,PPR, PEX, Silicon core pipe etc .The planetary cutting machine is controlled automatically with  computer,it has such advantages of simple operation,reliable performance etc.It has eached international advanced level.

Flow Chart

PE PPR granules Raw material + additive → vacuum feeding machine → hopper dryer → single screw extruder→ color band extruder → mould and calibrator → vacuum calibration machine → cooling tank→ haul-off machine → cutting machine → stacker

The five-layer co extruded pipe production line consists of a control system, an extruder, a machine head, vacuum cooling system, a traction machine, a planetary cutting device, and a flipping frame. It can produce various types of pipes such as PE pipes, PP pipes, PVC pipes, etc. The characteristics of some three-layer co extruded pipe production lines are as follows:

HDPE three-layer co extruded plastic pipe production line: using high-speed composite pipe extrusion machine equipment, the production speed is fast.

PVC/PPR/PE five-layer co extruded composite pipe production line: The inner and outer walls are made of hard PVC /PPR /PE to ensure sufficient strength and other physical properties of the pipe. The middle layer is made of PVC with a special formula, with a relative density of 0.7-0.9g/cm3. The structure of this layer is micro closed pores, which has advantages such as sound insulation, heat insulation, shock resistance, impact resistance, and lightweight and cost-effective.

PE /PP two-layer three-layer co extruded composite pipe extruder production equipment: produced by Qingdao Cuishi Plastic Machinery  Co., Ltd. with guaranteed quality

Five layer oxygen PERT floor heating pipe making machine line


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