PPH pipe extrusion solution and configuration

PPH pipe extrusion solution and configuration

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PPH pipe extrusion solution and configuration

1. Extrusion process

• The PPH pipe is extruded directly in the extruder, and the extruded pipe has high dimensional accuracy.

• The PPH pipe has a fine crystalline structure, which gives it excellent impact resistance even at low temperatures.

2. Configuration

• The extrusion line is usually composed of an extruder, a die, a calibration device, a cooling system, and a traction device.

• The extruder is the core component of the extrusion line, which melts and extrudes the PPH material.

• The die is used to shape the extruded pipe.

• The calibration device is used to calibrate the diameter and wall thickness of the pipe.

• The cooling system is used to cool the extruded pipe to ensure its shape and performance.

• The traction device is used to pull the extruded pipe at a constant speed.

In summary, the extrusion process and configuration of PPH pipes are crucial for ensuring the quality and performance of the pipes. The selection of extrusion equipment and process parameters should be based on the specific requirements of the pipe production to ensure the stability and reliability of the extrusion process.


The advantages of adding a meter weight system for pipe materials are as follows:

1. Precise control of the weight per unit length of the pipe, ensuring product quality consistency.

2. Ability to real-time monitor and adjust the extrusion process to achieve optimal production parameters.

3. Enhance production efficiency and reduce waste.

4. Facilitate accurate dosing of raw materials, optimizing the use of resources.

5. Provide data support for quality management and process improvement.

6. Ensure the stability and reliability of the production process.

7. Allow for quick response to changes in production conditions to maintain product specifications.



The advantages of the pipe three-jaw tractor are as follows:

1. Stable traction, which can ensure the smooth movement of the pipe during the extrusion process.

2. High precision, helping to maintain the accurate dimensions and shape of the pipe.

3. Strong traction force, capable of handling various pipe materials and sizes.

4. Adjustable speed, which can be customized according to different production requirements.

5. Good compatibility, suitable for different extrusion production lines.

6. Reliable performance, reducing the possibility of malfunctions and ensuring continuous production.

7. Easy to operate and maintain, saving labor and time costs.


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