Corrugated pipe extrusion Machine Corrugated pipe making machine

Corrugated pipe extrusion Machine Corrugated pipe making machine

PVC Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line 

Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Machine

Corrugated pipe extrusion Machine Corrugated pipe making machine

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We test the corrugated pipe line for our Russia customer with PVC granule and speed can reach 18m.min with sj65/25 single screw extruder 22kw motor and ABB /Delta inverter and Siemens low voltage electrical parts and pipe diameter is 16m and 32mm ,, 40mm and max 50mm with the calibration table , if you need details , please add my whatsapp 008615753291269  

PVC PE PPsingle wall corrugated pipe production line

PVC single wall corrugated pipe is made of PVC by extrusion and blow molding. It is a new product developed in 1970s abroad. The PVC single wall corrugated pipe can be used as the rigid PVC pipe and the flexible flexible hose by using its ring groove structure. Therefore, the pipe has the characteristics of rigid to flexible, which can be used to transport some liquid and gas and as the casing of embedded wires.  

Main uses of plastic corrugated pipe: single-wall corrugated pipe are mainly used for machine tool machinery and cabinet control

cabinet wiring connection, such as instrumentation, control cabinet, equipment manufacturing, engineering installation, train,

automobile, subway, machine tool machinery, automation control and other industries. Double-wall corrugated pipe is mainly used

for drainage pipe of municipal construction and mine seepage pipe.

The corrugated pipe machine produced by our company mainly adopt German push-block structure. The production speed of plastic

single-wall bellows can reach 15-30 m/min and 50-160 double-wall bellows can reach 4-6 m/min..

1. SJ65/30 for PP PE and SJ65/25 for PVC  Single screw extruder

High plasticization rate,uniform melt and continuous production stability. High performance gearbox reducer.long life and low noise.For PVC powder and granule raw material market widely use double screw extruder. Qingdao cuishi design single screw barrel suitable for PVC powder material,PVC granule material and PP PE EVA granule.Use one machine can cover all these can help customer save the machine cost.

2. Customer can choose Siemens touch screen PLC control system and Manual control panel such as Omron temperature control zones according to their usage habits.

3. Die head with energy saving heating ring with Italy design

The die head body is 40Cr or 45# stainless with polishing and mirror polishing treatment and chromium plating treatment.  The rock wool in the heating ring and die head can hold heat,then save about 30%electrical costs for customer.It can make the hole to wire insert ( iron wire inside the mold )

4. Forming machine and Forming mould

High speed forming speed:12-30 m/min.

The forming machine plate and high speed forming mould use 38CrMoAIA material,has high hardness, high wear resistance.and the forming mould can carve customer logo,can choose double cavity or three cavity in one set mould,when change the size,just up and down forming machine,no need put out all set mould. it can save more long time for customer.

Forming machine adjustment:manual control left and right,Electric control up and down.





Automatic Vacuum feeder and hopper dryer



Sh55/30 or SJ65/30 Single Screw Extruder motor 22kw



New Design Die head speed can reach max 30,min



Mouth mouldcore bargas nose and pull rod



Corrugated pipe forming mould 50 pairs , 60 pairs ,. 72[airs



High speed forming machine with water and fan cooling



Double station winding machine 100m/roller


Why choose us?

1.Low cost

All the machine ,we make by ourselves to reduce the cost for our customers.we have 25 years rich experience to make the pipe extrusion machine 

2.Genuine product with excellent quality

We choose our material very strict.All the material come to our factory must pass the quality test

Substandard goods are returned to the supplier.

3. Engerneers available to serve oversea

4.Quick delivery

The company provide just in time delivery with its streamlined supply chain.

5.Cost saving

We take strong attention to every detail in the manufacturing process.

The quality control in our factory is very strict.

All defective semi-manufactures must be treated again or rejected.

All the machine must be checked before delivering to our customer.

What we want to do is to give our customer a good quality product with stable and long time working life.

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