prestrssed pe bellows machine

prestrssed pe bellows machine

Prestressed plastic bellows made of HDPE is a new pore-forming material. Mainly used for post-tensioning prestressed cement structure, the pull rod has good sealing performance, no rain leakage, high ring stiffness, small friction parameters, anti-aging, anti-electrical corrosion, good elasticity, and is not easy to be broken. And the new connection mode makes the construction connection more convenient. The propeller body is a protective barrier for the prestressed steel plate in the prestressed cement structure when the pore material is damaged.


It is a complete set of prestressed plastic bellows production equipment and production line. It is a new type of perforating material, widely used in construction industry. When we operate the production line of prestressed plastic bellows, we need to pay attention to some matters needing attention. The following will take you to understand the use of prestressed plastic bellows equipment precautions:

1. Feeding is strictly prohibited during parking.

2. If any exception occurs during the running, stop the check immediately.

3. Feed should not be overloaded, the crushing process should be carried out evenly, overload phenomenon may occur during the process. Feeding should be stopped immediately and standby equipment should return to normal before feeding.

4. Periodically check the sharpness of fixed and rotating blades according to the nature of damaged plastic. Normally, new wastes and undercorners are inspected once in six shifts.


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