23 years of technology R & D and production

  • Qingdao Cuishi Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. always takes the spirit of development and innovation

  • Closely follow the development trend of the world plastic machinery industry,

    Professional R & D and production of prestressed plastic bellows equipment,

  • In nearly 20 years of professional R & D and practice,

    Prestressed plastic bellows equipment has developed four fist products with market competitiveness.

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  • 1999

    The company was founded in 1999

  • 500+

    Annual production capacity 500 + sets

  • 1000+

    Serve 1000 customers

Qingdao Cuishi plastic machinery Co., Ltd since 1999 years to make the plastic extrusion pipe machine 

 It is located in Jiaoxi industrial Park, Jiaozhou city, Qingdao, at the intersection of Hong Kong Road and Tongsan High speed. More than 40 kilometers away from Qingdao International Airport, the geographical location is convenient, covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters.

It is  a set of production, research and development of plastic products in one of the environmental protection enterprises. 

Our company mainly engaged in prestressed plastic bellows/corrugated equipment, power PVC PP PE pipe equipment,  automotive wire harness bellows equipment, PPR, PE, PVC, PERT and other pipe equipment, plastic profile/sheet /board and recycling equipment and plastic honeycomb panel equipment.

The company has strong technical force, strong development ability and advanced production technology. In the development of new materials, new technology on the basis of the production of various plastic extrusion equipment. The company's products all over the country, and exported to Europe, cis, South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Africa and other countries and regions.

Qingdao Cuishi Plastic machinery Co., Ltd. is always in line with the spirit of pioneering and innovative, closely following the development trend of the world plastic machinery industry, specializing in the development and production of plastic machinery. D full production of prestressed plastic bellows equipment.In nearly 20 years of professional research and development combined with practice, prestressed plastic bellows equipment has developed four products with market competitiveness. In the market environment, follow the national development trend, so that our customers have an advantage in the market competition. Life is a process of making decisions. There is no right or wrong, only gain and loss! Choose Choi, live up to qing dynasty.


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